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Marketing Office Hours

What is it?

Marketing office hours with me, Corey Keating.


Live, interactive, virtual marketing consultation & community for financial advisors.


This is for advisors that will benefit from having a consistent marketing sounding board. Ask your specific questions, get specific in-depth feedback, hear from your peers, get ideas, motivation, avoid time and money wasting activity and pitfalls.


  • Two (2) open office hours a month that will be open to all members to join and participate in

  • Monthly newsletter for members that highlights and summarizes the best ideas and topics

  • Exclusive access to me to ask your specific marketing questions and to gather ideas from others

  • Private podcast for members

  • No commitment, cancel anytime

  • $100/mo

[IMPORTANT] ** The first 5-10 advisors that sign-up for this program will receive the most up-front value as there will be more time for you and your specifics while the community is still growing. 

This will be SO valuable to so many advisors ⤵️

Why join?

✔️ You know marketing’s an important part of what it takes to grow your business and could use some direction, feedback, and idea generation.


✔️ You value consistent access to marketing consultation and the ability to ask questions specific to your business, your ideal prospect, along with an interest in being part of a group discussion. 


✔️ You see the value in reinvesting $100/mo into your business by addressing some of your marketing challenges and learning how to implement more effective content.



Marketing Jump Start: Limited to five (5) advisors. Class 2 (spring 2022) is full and underway.

[I'm currently conducting the second Jump Start program. If interested in a future program (summer 2022) please register above.]

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