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Marketing Jump Start

What is it?

An interactive marketing consultation and educational program for financial advisors.


This is for Advisors eager to jump start their marketing so they can begin consistently connecting with their target audience.


A three-session program, limited to a total of five financial advisors, spanning six weeks. We’ll meet twice as a group and once 1-on-1.

  • Cost: $1,000

  • Two (2) group meetings: 1 hour each

  • One (1) one-on-one personal marketing consultation meeting: 1 hour

Group meetings:

  • We’ll highlight the current state of the attention economy, how to navigate it, and how to create and distribute your value effectively through your personal brand.

  • Group discussion allows each member to present their specific marketing challenges and to hear from others.

  • New ways to think about connecting with your ideal audience and overcoming each of your specific challenges.

1-on-1 Consultation:


  • This is your opportunity to dive deep into your specific marketing challenges. This is a 60-minute private marketing consultation with me. We’ll have an in-depth discussion on how to think about your brand, your activity, and your content.


At the conclusion of the six-week Marketing Jump Start course you'll walk away with a better understanding of what a successful marketing program looks like, how to think about and create consumable content, a framework of what works and what doesn’t, and steps to take to continue building your brand. 

Is it for you?

✔️ You know marketing’s an important part of what it takes to grow your business but you just don’t know where to start.


✔️ You value having access to marketing consultation and the ability to ask questions specific to you, your business, your ideal prospect, along with a willingness to participate in a group dialogue. 


✔️ You’re ready to have an honest conversation about your past marketing activity and the results, along with a willingness to accept new ideas that may exceed your comfort zone.


✔️ You see the value in reinvesting $1,000 into your business by addressing your marketing challenges and learning how to implement more effective content.



Marketing Jump Start: Limited to five (5) advisors. Class 2 (spring 2022) is full and underway.

[I'm currently conducting the second Jump Start program. If interested in a future program (summer 2022) please register above.]

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